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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Healing Well!

Let me start by saying that I apologize on not writing. It has been crazy getting settled in again. Surgery went well, I can walk without pain and I am about 80% better. Looking forward to HM1 G coming back and praying for HM3 Nwojo as he just departed this month. "Doc in the Box," the blogger who taught me this is heading back to the sand box again!! Who knows what the future holds for me. They are scubbing another list for the end of FEB as we speak. It will be almost one hundred people from here AGAIN! So obviously they will be dipping into those who just came back and sending them for a second or third tour. Tony is well, he was layed off from his job the Monday after christmas. There wasn't enough work and he wasn't given any notice. That made for a bumby start here. He has since found another job and been working there one week. It is service work (he is a plumber) and he likes it. He works long days til 8 at night or so, sometimes earlier. The next paycheck won't be for another week though, so we are draining my savings from Iraq quite rapidly :( . We got moved into a condo on the island. It is a little piece of paradise. Cost me less than if I would live on base, and Dacoda doesn't have to deal with the mold. It is one year old so there isn't much respiratory issues there. Speaking of Dacoda he is a gem. Talking a mile a minute. His cousin is pregnant and when you ask him where the baby is he runs and touches her belly and says BABY! Jes (the cousin) is getting induced tonight!! So we will spend most of the weekend at the hospital with her. I am going to help her breast feed that baby! They have no lactation nurses here, crazy. Work here is very busy and I fell back into the swing of things just fine. I still jump when people clap or something falls. For all those who sent packages most of them were opened by the people still there, I don't know if they write to you or not. I got five boxes back and the contents of those I put in a box to send off to HM1 G. I am mailing it this weekend. Christmas was good here - small this year money wise, thank god because then Tony got layed off! He bought me a diamond bracelet and I bought him a hand painted Chess set with good vs evil from Germany. Coda was the true christmas. He got a tricycle and a bus that sings the people on the bus go round and round. A couple other things, cars, a race track, etc. Well I will promise to keep you posted better now that things are straightened out and back into the swing of things.


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