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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Thunder or Sonic Boom?

Well it has been quite eventful here the past 24 hours. We have been busier than I have seen since I got here. All is quite currently. While working there were several large explosions, which shook the whole building and the ground under my feet. Well I knew they were sonic booms, but I was so shook up I couldn't even remember what that meant. Instincts made me grab a flak and kevlar and take shelter. When a marine co-worker reminded me the laws of physics. Then while laying in my rack, I remember this noise in my sleep. Enough of the noise to finally fully awaken me. I laid there and listened intensely. It wasn't incoming. It wasn't outgoing. It was a flare or a sonic boom, just this rumbling noise. Maybe it was a truck going by over and over. No, it was...........THUNDER! How funny is that. It was thundering and lightening all evening. I went to mass tonight, and finally while at mass the rain came down and down. We all went outside to see it come down. Everyone stood in the raindrops in awe of their lost waterdroplets. The weather is changing rapidly here. The evenings and early mornings are much cooler. The days still reach green flag, but I haven't seen black flag in a week or so. This morning I recorded a video that will be played on the Jacksonville Jaguars game. I imagine it will be a commercial like scenario. The game is on Sunday, so watch if your in the area. I also recorded the Holiday greetings for the seasonal events to come, they will be showing in Jacksonville as well. As Iraq Turns


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