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This is basically the story of a 27 year old Navy Corpsman as she starts her journey to Iraq, leaving her son and husband 7000 miles away! Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures, comments expressed in no way represent the Views of US Navy, Marines, Department of Defense,or anyone other than myself!(unless otherwise stated) I am not here to offend anyone. If you visit please leave a comment, BUT please respect my job and don't fill up my comments section with nonsense.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

To Get Some You Have to Give Some.

Got to shower today, I guess it was just in time, ironically I usually shower in the evening, but this am I showered when I got off work, cause I was nasty. Good thing, because we have no water, While the "little pump that could" is more than willing to provide us water, his cohort the "generator that won't" is down at the moment. We have no microwave or TV either at this time. But that is okay because we are to busy to notice. We have been busy treating civilians, which is ok, because that means our marines and sailors are fine. I do miss the Lab but this job keeps me so busy I don't have much time to be lonely and the days go fast. I worked over 20 hours last night and then slept 6 and now I am back at it. 6 was alot of sleep. We got mail, but I still haven't received anything more. The food still sucks, everyone is praying for more cereal. We hoard the milk because they have ran out of milk and juice before. Sometimes all we have is water to drink. We have sodas like coke and pepsi, but they aren't the same, it is like really sryupy and flat. Pepsi and Coke must make their product based on where it is going. You would think it would all be the same. I guess tommorrow starts some holiday period for the Iraqi's here and they fast, similar to our Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all in one.


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