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Friday, September 10, 2004

The internet is down

We have segovia and internet, they both have been down for a week. Currently there are only 14 computers up and the wait is hours long. I only have a few mins left to type. As you all know from CNN.com or CNN international we had a really bad laborday and laborday weekend. It has slowed down this week and not much for a retallion from them to here which has been quite nice. To HM1 G, I think they are going to move me from the lab to a job in the CCSOC. We will see I hope you are okay. Please email my hubby and give him your address cause that way we can write back and forth. To everyone who is thinking about me thanks, I am fine. They said if I get commissioned I can come home that would be nice. I want mail everyone gets mail and i have only received my first anniversary card thats it. Please someone sign me up with those websites I don't have enough time we only get ten mins with the satellites being down. Have a good weekend gotta go


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