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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Another one.

So another hurricane is now turning its way plummeting throught the ocean so it and its big eye can sit right on my family - Great. I thought moving them to JAx would be safer than CC, hurricane wise, boy did this year prove me wrong. It was hella crazy today and this is just purgatory. HM1 G had a rough evening tonight, but he is okay, which is good because I was worried about him. Rough day today. I tried to sleep, but we had incoming around noon, so that woke me up, then we got patients, then I was back to sleep for about ten minutes, and they woke me up to clean the hallway how stupid is that!! Wake up the night shift people! They said they got everyone who was in their room to clean. Did they ever think it was night people sleeping in their room and everyone else was dealing with patients. Then I got a shower and ate a bowl of cereal and back at work. Tonight for dinner was instant mashed potatoes and french fries we are out of meat - crazy huh. No mail today. I think their is a conspiracy against my mail. We got our new room assignments. I am supposed to be in a 9' x 6' room with two other girls, they work we me and we are all daysleepers. Sounds to good to be true. The room is small but at least I will get some sleep right -wrong! Some crazy E5 chick here decided to "make it all better" and put all the E5 's in one room, a much bigger room but that isn't the point. I think they only want to move me because I have a TV and DVD player. They said that an E5 shouldn't live with an E4 however they said it would be five E5's and one E4 in their new plan. Doesn't make any sense to me, this chick always has to have the last say. The higher ups listen to her cause she is in the in crowd. She and them speak Spanish and act like I don't understand, it is quite humorous.


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