A Labrats Journey

This is basically the story of a 27 year old Navy Corpsman as she starts her journey to Iraq, leaving her son and husband 7000 miles away! Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures, comments expressed in no way represent the Views of US Navy, Marines, Department of Defense,or anyone other than myself!(unless otherwise stated) I am not here to offend anyone. If you visit please leave a comment, BUT please respect my job and don't fill up my comments section with nonsense.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


So, like I said yesterday, the food at midnight was instantly eatable. With that being said today I received THREE BOXES. So we MUST have got some supplies in. So I got 5 crystal lights from hubby, the Sopranos the first season, and I have already asked for the second season to be mailed. I got dyer sheets to keep the bugs away and they also work well as room freshners for stinky boots. I received snacks, movies, face lotion, and pictures. My hubby sent one sappy card that brought a tear to more than just my eyes. My friends sent me this cool thing about the biblical history in Iraq, I shared that and everyone found it very interesting. We have been busy tonight, we sent one of our own out as a patient today. He is very sick with a migraine forever! I felt bad for him, it sucks to have a migraine and our cure is to fly you on a helo, that will help (sarcasm). Dinner tonight was mashed pot, lima beans and two chicken wings. No wonder people leave here skinny! Wings were good but only two and mashed pot was good and who eats lima beans? ....another episode of these are the days in Iraq.

Monday, September 27, 2004


I think our mail is on the slow boat to Kansas, because it isn't coming here. I was sure we would have mail, since we got food! YEAH FOOD! Tonight midrations were corndogs and mac n cheese. The news forgot about us today - so I can't tell you much. They talked about us in the news today, but it was old news to me. I can tell you that we aren't backing down for no one. I hope this whole Iraq thing works out, I hope they can model after the U.S. I don't think it will, these people are hard headed. The boys (Kamara and Nuygen) received a letter today as well as I, they were tickled pink and ran to tell me, even before they opened it. Funny how just one letter from one caring stranger can make two young guys very happy. The one kid said "Thanks HM2 for looking out for me." Well the family survived the hurricane. They might not have electricity for weeks though they reported to me. The water was really high into the yard, enough to scare them. They are using a generator and tonight and for a while sleeping outside the house, since no one has power. Tomorrow they are going to work so it can't be that bad. Tony sounded really depressed today on the computer, well I guess that wasn't sounded it was acted or typed. He is doing way to much. His job is a lot of work, he gets up with coda at 0530 and doesn't get home until 530 or 600 at night. He is really tired of hurricanes. He has to work, then take care of coda, do laundry, mow the lawn, cut trees for hurricanes, and scoop the kitty poop. The kitty was in a kitty condo, but they decided it was to expensive and the kitties could stay there. I guess I should have left them in corpus, I just didn't want him to be alone for the holidays. I feel really bad. He is really worried about me. I tell him what I can about what happens here, but maybe it should wait till I come home. Last night when I was at work my new roommates decided to rearrange and move me in without my help. Made me mad cause they put dirty cammie netting on my rack and just three my stuff in a corner. They used all the shelf space and all the hangers and I have no where for my stuff. So when they were at work today and I was home, I fixed all my stuff the way I wanted. I am sure you all know that women are quite vindictive, right! They blew up the TV, It wasn't there fault, we had a power surge and the transformer blew. But they FORGOT to tell me that happened, kind of a significant event right? After I got woken up tonight, I did the Hygiene thing and then I built a table. I made a table out of thin plywood and ammo boxes. Then I built two benches with three ammo boxes each and a sheet of thin plywood. Then I padded them with cot pads and covered them with the material from the pads, stapling them to the bottom, just like on TLC, only military field style! So when the girls came back and we had a table and benches, I redeemed myself and they barely noticed I rearranged my stuff and took things off hangers to make them a fair amount each. Well, they noticed but they got over it faster! Well these are the days in Iraq.......Stay tuned till next time

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Oh So Tired!

Sleep whats that - who sleeps. Pure adrenaline here! Here's a taste of "THESE ARE THE DAYS OF IRAQ" ----> http://g.msn.com/0MNBUS00/2?http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6095119&&CM=EmailThis&CE=1 Well we worked all night and then decided after breakfast around 0730 to move these rooms. So as we round up everyone and start to think about moving rooms, I remove my blouse and all I have on is my green T-shirt, cammy pants, and flip flops or shower shoes, when as the news says 8 am became pretty interesting here. It is similar to how it was described, but so you all know we are all okay here. All it did was make the day even longer, after we recovered and cleaned up that mess, THEN we moved rooms. I never did get to sleep and I am back at work tonight. I did get a shower, very slowly due to fatigue. Hopefully I get to sleep tomorrow, I hope they leave us alone, the more they mess with us the longer we will be here. They just don't get it, we are here to educate and remove those people like that. Change or be changed! No mail still. I received one snail mail letter from my grandma - she mailed it on the 18th, not to bad. But no packages yet! I feel so old here these kids never heard of Def Leopard! Funny though they all know YELLOW SUBMARINE, HAHAHA. So, tonight is quite and just trying to stay awake. Dinner was Crab legs and greasy egg noodles. I can't eat crab and there was no other choice, so greasy noodles and FINALLY a vegetable carrots. A very small salad of lettuce, cheese and one tomato piece. Let you know what tomorrow brings!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

We've Been Busy

I can't say much about what has been going on but we have been busy, However I can refer you all to this CNN link-> http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/09/25/iraq.main/index.html My pay is partially correct for Ocotber. I am going to get Imminent Danger Pay, Family sep pay, but they are still taxing me and left out International Pay. So at least we are getting somewhere with it. I guess no per diem until we get back. In the AM starts are room rearranging, pretty stupid timing. It would be smarter to move at like 4 pm so the daysleepers could sleep a LITTLE. No the way they want it is as soon as we get off we move rooms, but being Sunday and all people go to church. So this cluster junk will probably last until noon or longer, as people move in and out and rearrange, reorganize, reassemble. I guess I ain't sleeping until Monday! No rest for the weary. Still no mail for me, but today there was no mail for anyone, which made me feel better. We haven't received our mid-rations tonight so I don't know if there is meat or not. Still have some tuna but no rice, Jasmine rice is the best I've heard. One of the communication marines that works nights with me is making me a sign for my door that says "DAY SLEEPER." Maybe people will quit knocking on the door all day long like they did today. The door is only thin plywood and when knocked upon gives quite the bang. So six females in one room, all married with kids, this should be fun! Should I start the soap opera now...THESE ARE THE DAYS OF IRAQ...HAHAHAHHAHA...

Friday, September 24, 2004

One more thing Today

My friend HM1 G - his webpage is ---->http://mt_ascp_8506.blogspot.com/ Please visit him and show him as much love and support that you all have shown me. He and I were and are stationed together in Corpus. Currently he is a stones throw away from me here in Iraq. Happy posting!

Room Assignments!

OK, So we have our room assignments. The chic I was talking about, well lets just say we finally had a heat to heart. I told her how I really felt and she the same, however my felts weren't very good for her, if you know what I mean. I told her she is a control freak and if she would realize that we have to work together and that I don't work for her and I am not one of her children that we would get along much better. Ironically, the talking thing seemed to have helped. We later came up with a room assignment plan. The daysleeper thing is out the window, too bad, nothing makes sense in the military. I gave my four HN's rooms to themselves, two in a room, the rooms are 9' x6', similar to a jail cell. They tried to put three and four people in that room. So we started with one girl, myself, then we got one more girl an officer who doesn't talk to me, then one more HN the girl that works with me VAL, and now we are up to SIXTEEN, enlisted girls! And they currently are all in ONE room. On Sunday we are moving and spreading out. So the 'chic' and I came up with a plan. All the E-5's are going to move together in one room, now that she can get along with me - I still don't trust her. The other six are living together in one room. This should get fun. I think that the only reason the E-5's want me to live with them is because I have a TV, DVD player, and a refridgerator and they don't! I must be a good asset. I GOT SLEEP TODAY! YEAH! Slept well and watched a movie. Some Butterfly Effect movie which was sadder than shit. For a temporary few hours it almost felt as if we weren't at war, it was almost a typical Friday night with a bunch of girls watching a sad movie. Then reality hit with patients and the fact that there is no toilet paper and port o johns that are almost full to the top! I don't know what is up with supplies but we are out of everything. Dinner tonight was egg noodles and french fries, no meat again. We are out of everything and still no mail. All in all today was not a bad day. The computer was down and the phone was down for awhile, so I couldn't email Tony tonight. I love you, Tony, and Coda. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo hhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Another one.

So another hurricane is now turning its way plummeting throught the ocean so it and its big eye can sit right on my family - Great. I thought moving them to JAx would be safer than CC, hurricane wise, boy did this year prove me wrong. It was hella crazy today and this is just purgatory. HM1 G had a rough evening tonight, but he is okay, which is good because I was worried about him. Rough day today. I tried to sleep, but we had incoming around noon, so that woke me up, then we got patients, then I was back to sleep for about ten minutes, and they woke me up to clean the hallway how stupid is that!! Wake up the night shift people! They said they got everyone who was in their room to clean. Did they ever think it was night people sleeping in their room and everyone else was dealing with patients. Then I got a shower and ate a bowl of cereal and back at work. Tonight for dinner was instant mashed potatoes and french fries we are out of meat - crazy huh. No mail today. I think their is a conspiracy against my mail. We got our new room assignments. I am supposed to be in a 9' x 6' room with two other girls, they work we me and we are all daysleepers. Sounds to good to be true. The room is small but at least I will get some sleep right -wrong! Some crazy E5 chick here decided to "make it all better" and put all the E5 's in one room, a much bigger room but that isn't the point. I think they only want to move me because I have a TV and DVD player. They said that an E5 shouldn't live with an E4 however they said it would be five E5's and one E4 in their new plan. Doesn't make any sense to me, this chick always has to have the last say. The higher ups listen to her cause she is in the in crowd. She and them speak Spanish and act like I don't understand, it is quite humorous.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just My Opinion

"For those who protect us, they get a flavor of life that the protected will never know." Don't these people realize if they want us to leave they have to quite rocketing and mortaring us. If they act like adults, we might actually leave! We are fighting one strange war. We shoot them - then we fix them. They try to bomb us, they get hurt doing it and we fix them to. Just my opinion. ......Well I have been here since Aug 23rd and still no change in pay for any of us. We contacted the Command Master Chief, he returned our email weeks later, stating that he cared, but nothing could be done to fix the glitch on our FSA. Water is up and generators our good. We have patients and are busy STILL. No rest for the weary. Still no toilet paper and the food still sucks. Didn't get much sleep today because my head is next to the washing machine from Iraq 1900's. All that is between us is a piece of plywood. Us being the washer and my head. Everyone was washing since we have water. It isn't like washing clothes at home. The washer has two parts - a wash side and a spin side. The water comes from the shower that is half ass made and into buckets. Three buckets fill the washer. While it is washing for 15 mins the other buckets are being filled, then you put the clothes one item at a time into the spinner and then back into the washer with three more 5 gallon buckets to be rinsed. So it is not a quite experience. And then stupid officers go in there and discuss the laundry and the water and how slow it is. So no sleep for me!! I finally blew up and got out of bed and screamed "You need to be quite- there are day sleepers!" She just stared at me, I am going to leave here an E-3 HAHAHAHA. "We are the Untrained, doing the Unexpected, trying the Unachievable, for the Unappreciative!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

To Get Some You Have to Give Some.

Got to shower today, I guess it was just in time, ironically I usually shower in the evening, but this am I showered when I got off work, cause I was nasty. Good thing, because we have no water, While the "little pump that could" is more than willing to provide us water, his cohort the "generator that won't" is down at the moment. We have no microwave or TV either at this time. But that is okay because we are to busy to notice. We have been busy treating civilians, which is ok, because that means our marines and sailors are fine. I do miss the Lab but this job keeps me so busy I don't have much time to be lonely and the days go fast. I worked over 20 hours last night and then slept 6 and now I am back at it. 6 was alot of sleep. We got mail, but I still haven't received anything more. The food still sucks, everyone is praying for more cereal. We hoard the milk because they have ran out of milk and juice before. Sometimes all we have is water to drink. We have sodas like coke and pepsi, but they aren't the same, it is like really sryupy and flat. Pepsi and Coke must make their product based on where it is going. You would think it would all be the same. I guess tommorrow starts some holiday period for the Iraqi's here and they fast, similar to our Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all in one.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Kids Grow Fast!

Holy cow! Since I left in July my son is a whole new man. I received some pictures via email and crazy enough, wow that's my kid. I am missing so much of him growing up in just three months - its going to drive me crazy for another seven! Things have been very quite here the past 48 hours, thank god for that. Still trying to get used to the night shift, however the day shift gets busy and pulls me to help, I don't get much sleep. I saw a water truck go by tonight maybe we can shower tommorrow! That would be nice. Still not much mail for anyone. Food is pretty decent right now though. Around here if you have mail the food stinks and if you have food the mail stink. You can't win them all. I got some really cool pics since I have been here to take back. They are so real it is if they aren't real.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Give a Little, Take a Little!

Well we have no showers today. We may not have showers for awhile we have no more water, and none coming in. But on the lighter side of things we got supplies with cold milk (yes the milk is usually warm) and cinnamon toast crunch cereal. You would have thought it was christmas and we were digging in a box for money everyone was hoarding cereal as much as they could carry. The milk here is stored warm which sucks but tonight it was cold. Our turnover is complete and we are all on board and running the show. The others are safe at sound back at home. Got one box today. It was all beat up, open and the koolaid had spilled all over it and everything was sticky, but it was still nice to finally get a box, and the tears just welled up as I opened it. Tony please write me at least a little note in my boxes so I have something to read to, please don't just send a box. I love you honey...Happy first wedding aniversary, I miss you.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Who's a Labrat?

Well, I am no longer a labrat. I have moved to office duty, I am still a lab tech but they need my computer skills and other things I can't mention, they are short personnell. So I am better needed here, however, we have internet YEAH! I can talk a little on the blog but it is really secured what i can say. We have been very busy with patients, incoming mortars are still an issue about every other day. I work the night shift now - which is good for me. Still praying I get a commission. Thanks everyone for caring. I still have only received one letter from home and no packages. There have been plenty of days that the mail has not been coming and lots of mail convoys have gotten blown up and mail is gone for good. So we will see what tommorrow brings. I miss all of you and thanks for everyone's support.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The internet is down

We have segovia and internet, they both have been down for a week. Currently there are only 14 computers up and the wait is hours long. I only have a few mins left to type. As you all know from CNN.com or CNN international we had a really bad laborday and laborday weekend. It has slowed down this week and not much for a retallion from them to here which has been quite nice. To HM1 G, I think they are going to move me from the lab to a job in the CCSOC. We will see I hope you are okay. Please email my hubby and give him your address cause that way we can write back and forth. To everyone who is thinking about me thanks, I am fine. They said if I get commissioned I can come home that would be nice. I want mail everyone gets mail and i have only received my first anniversary card thats it. Please someone sign me up with those websites I don't have enough time we only get ten mins with the satellites being down. Have a good weekend gotta go

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