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Monday, August 30, 2004

Pretty good day

I t was pretty calm yesterday and not to bad today. We are getting settled in and wondering when the others are coming. The old group can't wait to leave. We are making room for all of us because for a short period of time we have to have double the people in our rooms for the turnover. Who knows when that will be and for how long. The sunrise and sunsets are very pretty from here that is about the only thing though. The laundry is taking about five days to come back instead of overnight due to some people up and quiting. All the generators are working except for the ATT phones it is still down. Last night they had lobster and steak everyone was sooo happy. Not quite my cup of tea, I ate a powerbar. I am still leary on the food here but hopefully that changes or I get lots of food in the mail. We have microwaves and can openers. I need a bowl with a lid. Got the webcam thing figured out and got to see Cody last night made me cry for hours - he has already grown to be such a big boy, his hair is longer and he has gained weight. Other than that emai ya all later. no news is good news, Right.


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