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This is basically the story of a 27 year old Navy Corpsman as she starts her journey to Iraq, leaving her son and husband 7000 miles away! Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures, comments expressed in no way represent the Views of US Navy, Marines, Department of Defense,or anyone other than myself!(unless otherwise stated) I am not here to offend anyone. If you visit please leave a comment, BUT please respect my job and don't fill up my comments section with nonsense.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

In Iraq

Well I made here to Iraq, exactly where I had said I was going to be. We were woken up early with mortars. I became quite friendly with my new sailors that I am relieving as we all huddled together. It is pretty scary here, the ammendities are the best, ironically better than Camp Pend. Internet is fast and free, phone trailors are here, stocked exchange. Twin bunks with real mattresses. Showers and real toilets if you want to walk to them. Where I work is small and cozy, the Pharmacy and lab are together. HM1 G and I will be in contact with each other in order to complete the mission for units of blood. Breakfast was good. No lunch today the generator is down, hopefully we get dinner. I miss you all very much. I had a crazy C130 ride here- holy cow! Then I flew for two hours on a C46 here. But I made it- hopefully the time goes fast. Every artillery round scares the shit out of me and everyone here laughs. They all say I will get used to it- I doubt it! I don't know what is incoming and what is outgoing- to me it is all incoming! This is just like the movies or some crazy shit like MASH :)


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