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This is basically the story of a 27 year old Navy Corpsman as she starts her journey to Iraq, leaving her son and husband 7000 miles away! Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures, comments expressed in no way represent the Views of US Navy, Marines, Department of Defense,or anyone other than myself!(unless otherwise stated) I am not here to offend anyone. If you visit please leave a comment, BUT please respect my job and don't fill up my comments section with nonsense.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Moving Day!

Last night was long tiresome evening. I don't think we fell asleep until 2 am. JD came over and they moved a good bit of the larger items down into the living room. Some people from work are coming over this afternoon. We have the truck for four hours for free. We just have to pay miles and gas. It will be a hurried event I am sure. The computer is in the car and Tony got a brief on how to put it together. I hope nick can get him a monitor. Mine is way to big to lug all the way to FL. He claims he can get one easily. He has to have my computer to do the camcorder and make/watch Dacoda's DVD's. This weekend we are going to the Aquarium. I think Tues we are eating at Deener's. We received more word about our trip to CA. We need a lot of paperwork, copy of this copy of that. Check in is on Sunday at o dark early. Monday we go to the gas chamber. Tues, Weds, Thurs, is in the field playing war games. Friday we come back from the field. They are not providing us with meals. In the field we get three MRE's a day! yum! Sunday-Tuesday afternoon we have to find our own food. This angers me. They are supposed to provide us with meals and they aren't. They are supposed to pick us up at the airport and guess what they aren't. We have to grab a cab on our own. We are going to war for this country and no one can move us into storage, no one is giving us the proper gear and no one is going to pick us up at the airport!!!


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