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This is basically the story of a 27 year old Navy Corpsman as she starts her journey to Iraq, leaving her son and husband 7000 miles away! Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures, comments expressed in no way represent the Views of US Navy, Marines, Department of Defense,or anyone other than myself!(unless otherwise stated) I am not here to offend anyone. If you visit please leave a comment, BUT please respect my job and don't fill up my comments section with nonsense.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Got the Camcorder!

We got the camcorder that my grandmother sent me money for (early birthday present to Tony and I). We got a sony handycam. Our goal is to learn it quickly and make some videos before I go, that way the baby can still see me when I am gone. We were busy today looking for a climate controlled storage unit. The humidity is so bad here that everything will mold with climate control. We found one for $158. So now we start packing and getting out of the condemned base housing and into storage and a hotel for one week. Everyone has asked what to send me and everyone wants to "stock up." So here is a list of ideas for grandma, dad, Vera, Tony, step & Tracy, Ms. Debbie and Gary, and any one else who I forgot that asked me. Please if you do send packages make them small and frequent vs. Large and infrequent. Small like a shoebox will get to me much faster than a Large Box. Here are some ideas, but be creative as well: First of all the links on the left, "Military Support Network," please explore those websites. They send packages, books, phone cards, etc. If I get signed up with them, so keep that in mind. Some of them require a small donation, but I hear its worth it! Shampoo- baby shampoo unscented (bugs) Bug stuff (skin so soft with Deet would be great) Soap something unscented like ivory or oil of olay (body wash kind) Razors ( I use the mach 3 for men) Underwear (I am a Size 6) no sexy underwear please we are at war :) Socks (white and brown or green) Batteries (AA, AAA, D) Floppy discs Spices (garlic salt, ketchup/mustard/BBQ/Mayo packs from restaurants, anything that doesn't get refridgerated to make bland food taste better) Nights will get cold so those handwarmers that last 4 hours or so. Protein (tuna,salmon,beef jerkey,nuts) Fruit (dry, applesauce,etc) Remember the box will get hot so nothing that melts. Drink mixes already sweetened (kool-aid, crystal light) Shower to Shower or Powder with cornstarch (keeps sand off you)Newspaper clippings about the world/local news.Magazines, books, CD's(any kind of music-except hard rock and Rap) Pringles,Zip locks (all sizes) And LOTS of Prayer, Please send me Prayer, Hope and Happiness!!


At July 5, 2004 at 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Robin in Ohio! I've enjoyed reading your blog. I found the link from "Doc in the Box". :-)

Regarding soldier support groups, I highly recommend that you sign up for one (or more)! I am a proud member of AdoptaPlatoon. http://www.adoptaplatoon.org

We feel honored and proud to support our deployed servicemembers. I personally am supporting a platoon of medical soldiers in Tikrit right now. :-) I can't speak for other soldier support organizations, but I can assure you that Adoptaplatoon does NOT require any deployed servicemember to pay for adoption! Be sure to sign yourself up at Adoptaplatoon and please encourage the others from your unit to do so, too.

Godspeed and stay safe! Thanks for your service to our country.



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