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Monday, June 28, 2004

Two more weeks

With the inevitable near we have been shopping. I bought my two green bath towels. Another required part of this seabag list, green bath towels. Why green? Who cares? But they are bought. I started my boxes that will be mailed to me by my husband immediately after getting an address. We went camcorder shopping and I think we are going to go with the Sony handycam. The one with the fire wire connection, not the one that makes DVD's automatically. We are going to settle for CDR's that's fine with us, they play on the APEX anyway. Does anyone know if I should take prepaid calling cards, and which one? I am game for advice. The baby cut two top teeth, that makes four total! He is trying to walk and has taken several steps, akwardly. More pay problems. Setting up allotments is more trouble than its worth! They double paid my car payment--by mistake!!


At June 29, 2004 at 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's steph--anyhow, I don't know which you would rather, buying a phone card (Sams has the best prices), or buying a certain cell phone that can be used world-wise, as long as you have access to a satellite. My ex bought a Moterola Timeport (Triband phone) that has all 3 freq. programed into it, but it didn't work so hot with all the satellite interferance on the ships. What you would want to do to keep your bill low is to call whoever and then have them call you back, cause to call someone from Bahrain is like $5/min, but to recieve a call from anywhere costs $.50/min
Just make sure that whatever phone you get works worldwide.

At June 30, 2004 at 11:00 PM, Blogger Deb said...

Things may have changed since my son was there last year (we'll find out when he redeploys in August) but the best calling card for him was the ATT pre-paid card that he got on base. I had the number and password so that I could recharge it for him and the military rate was quite a bit cheaper than other ATT pre-paid cards. I also sent an MCI card with him but it didn't work over there. Check to see if you'll be able to use a cell phone - it seems to vary from base to base but we've heard that they are banned for troop use. If you can use one though, we've heard that the T-Mobile phones with the international plan are the best ones to use. Good luck and Semper Fi.


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