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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

More Deployment News

Today we received word that we are leaving for CA on July 17th. Earlier than previously scheduled. I know who we are replacing and where we are suppose to be. The hospital is still not sure if it is going to be 27 of us or 41 of us.....That is to be announced. Our orders are for 180 days or longer. Steph and Tracy that means we need babysitting towards the end of July-let me know. Sorry for the short notice but I just found out myself. We still do not have uniforms, plane tickets, credit cards or anything like that. Once again the military motto "our neglect is your emergency."


At June 30, 2004 at 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Steph--how about you tell us when you need childcare. As of right now, Dacoda's spot is open and we will NOT fill it, so he could come today for all it matters. As far as work versus pymts-we need our toilet fixed in the main bathroom and that seems to be it for now, but I'm sure we'll find more for Tony to do.....

At July 1, 2004 at 8:47 AM, Blogger Yolanda said...

I spent much of last year over there and here are a couple things that I found helpful to have. A doormat or small rug or something like that next to your rack so you don't have to put your feet in your boots as soon as you swing out of bed, a chair for your "personal space" (one of those cheap fold up camping ones is great), a plain old sheet to put over the top of you when you sleep (if you don't have AC, you will appreciate this), and a bandana or something for your face (the sandstorms suck). There are tons more things, but those are the more unusual ones. As far as cell phones versus calling cards, I had a cell phone over there and came home to a ridiculously high cell phone bill and mine didn't work too well in Iraq. I have also heard that many units are banning them for troops. If you are buying boots, don't skimp, get the good Marine Corps ones. You won't regret the purchase. Take LOTS of pictures, I didn't take as many as I wish now that I had. And getting packages is kind of like getting them on the ships, smaller more frequent packages are better than big ones! Good Luck and Semper Fi!


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